Introduction To The Greens

13 Mar

Hi, I’m Marley Green and this is my family legacy.

I am one of the second generation Sims, along with my brother Jay. Our lives in Pleasantview started many months ago with my mother, MaryJane Green. She was a wonderful woman and we were all devastated when she died just a week ago.

This first entry will bring you up to date with our family.

MaryJane Green was just a teenager when she moved to Pleasantview. She was a run away who came here with nothing. She slept under the stars and began to cultivate her own little garden by the sea.

She worked hard growing fruit and vegetables and fishing  to make money, but living in the open began to take its toll and MaryJane got a job at the Diner in order to save up for her first house.

After many months of hard work MaryJane bought her perfect house. It was a tiny cabin way up in the mountains where she coud spend her days painting and gardening.

She even began dating the Japanese guy, Leighton,  that she had been persuing since she arrived.

But things didn’t work out with Leighton, he already had a son and eventually moved away. This did not stop MaryJane as she managed to shack up with another Japanese guy called Kira (my father). Luckily for MaryJane, Kira was a lot more interested in her than any of her previous romantic encounters (and there were a few!)

Not long after they met MaryJane fell pregnant (with me!) and although Kira seemed to take the news well, things began to go downhill for them.

Finally the day came for me to arrive.

Me and Mum spent all of our time together but visits from Dad became less and less frequent.

Mum and Dad moved into a bigger house, even though Mum had loved her cabin in the mountains it was just becoming too hard to travel into town with me being so small. This is the last time I remember seeing them together.

I was still a baby when Mum and Dad split up, but I still remember how sad she was that they had never made it as far as marriage.


2 Responses to “Introduction To The Greens”

  1. dustydreamer April 27, 2010 at 7:48 am #

    Added to my blogroll. ^^
    Ill be looking forward to reading the whole legacy in a moment. ^^

    • Gique April 27, 2010 at 11:22 am #

      Thank you! ^_____^

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