School’s Out Forever

5 Sep

(authors note: Sorry for the long gap in updates, I got carried away writing my other story!)

I’m such a bad heiress. My mother works long and hard to keep this family blog up to date and I just forget about it. Shame on me. But, in my defence, I didn’t really have time when I was supposed to be doing my school work.

But none the less, I am back. High school was almost a disaster. I got caught up in chasing boys and didn’t do enough work. Graduation was getting nearer and I decided that the sensible thing to do was get my head down and do some work.

I managed to catch up and passed with a ‘B’. James got an ‘A’ of course.

So school finished. Christopher and I rarely see each other these days. After his girlfriend Lea caught us kissing one time and went mental, we went our separate ways.

Mum and I have been talking about our past recently. My Grandfather, Kira Lito, had come from a long line of martial artists in Asia and my mother Marley thought it might do me some good to explore my roots and gain a bit of discipline. So she gave me the books passed down from my Grandparents. Gardening books and the Art of Sim-Fu.

I brushed her off at first, I was convinced that now high school was over I could go out and party all night like I wanted to. But something drew me to the books and when I started to read I couldn’t stop! I joined the local Sim-Fu academy and tried to leave behind my wayward past.

Not long after it was James and I’s birthday. At last! I can be free!

But, as it always is with my family, it was not without disaster.

But finally my brother and me were grown up! We were allowed to leave the family home and make our own ways in the big wide world.

I had already decided to move out straight away. James decided to stay at home with Mum and Dad. So as I slept my last night in the family home I thought about all the adventures I was about to have.

I was determined to travel to far away lands and become a master at the art of my ancestors.

The next day I prepared to move out. As is traditional in the Green family, my parents bought me a small house in which to start my new life. I’ll admit that I cried when I left. Mum promised to call me every night and to send me all the new books she writes. My dad and brother were also quite emotional but I promised to come back and visit and not disappear to Shang Sim-La or anything.

And this is where my story really begins…



One Response to “School’s Out Forever”

  1. pam2297 September 12, 2010 at 4:36 am #

    Wow! I’m really starting to get interested in your sims legacy, although your chapters are alot shorter than I expected, not in a bad way of course. I hope to read more and I’m adding you to my blogroll.

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