Trying To Find My Path

26 Sep

My new house is just perfect. It is a traditional Japanese house situated a short walk from the SunsetValley SimFu Academy. My parents must have put a lot of thought into it, and they have very good taste in decor it seems.

I love it here, even though being away from home is a little weird still, I speak to my parents everynight so I don’t get too lonely.

I have been taking my training very seriously. I am the youngest person at the academy but I seem to have martial arts in my blood.

But, as usual, I ended up getting distracted by something else… in this case a very hot guy named Ellis. He also studies martial arts and we met by the waterfall where I like to practice my meditation. It was quite funny really. Both of us trying to achieve inner peace whilst surreptitiously looking at one another across the park. He came over to say hi eventually. We got chatting and it turns out that he’s a traveller with an interest in the east. And seemingly, an interest in me.

A few days later I received a surprise visit from  Christopher (my high school crush) and he told me that him and Lea were getting married. I was happy that they’d managed to recovered from the mess I’d caused by kissing Chris, but also a little sad that Chris and I had been so close and now we were barely even friends.

But I didn’t need to be sad. After meeting Ellis at the waterfall he’d promised that he would take me out around the town and show me some of the interesting night life. I’ve lived here my whole life but never really explored so I was super excited.

He came over to my house that night and we grabbed some pizza before heading out to the night club. The more I saw him smile, the cuter he began to look…

We went to a place called Club Simolean. The music was loud, everyone in town was there and I had such a great time. Ellis laughed at me when I drank too much and got quite drunk, but he took my hand and kept me steady so that we could dance. This was probably the best night of my life so far.

I swear I never planned on kissing him, but he’s just so nice! And a great dancer! Maybe I should have had those last few drinks… The end of the night came and everyone else had left. The club was closing and I was having even more trouble standing up. I don’t remember much more of the night but I know that Ellis took care of me and made sure I was home safe.

The next few weeks flew by. I carried on my training at the SimFu academy and Ellis came over every day. He promised me that we’d go travelling together as soon as he had the money.

One night Mum and Dad dropped by to see how things were going in my new place. My mum, Marley, had also taken up martial arts and they were just stopping on their way to the class. Ellis just happened to be there and he was so polite in front of my parents. Mum and Dad seemed to like him, although we’re not officially boyfriend and girlfriend, we’re very close.

Everything seemed normal that night and Mum and Dad headed off to the academy leaving  me and Ellis to watch a movie together.

About an hour later I could hear sobbing from the doorstep. It was Mum.

She couldn’t tell me what happened exactly, she was in a state of shock. All I could make out from her was that Dad hadn’t been feeling well this morning and that he’d collapsed whilst she had been inside training. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Dad was gone.

Suddenly mine and my Mothers whole life had changed.

I couldn’t send her home alone.

So I did what I had to and invited her to move in with me.

For the first few nights she sat awake all night crying over Anthony. I hate to see my Mum so upset  like this.



One Response to “Trying To Find My Path”

  1. antsims3 September 28, 2010 at 12:01 am #

    Hey Gique! Great new chapter to the Green legacy! I love Maria and the new house. Can we see a shot of the outside of the new home? Poor Marley, all alone crying. I love the martial arts theme! Can’t wait for more!

    The sixth generation heir vote of the halliwell legacy is now up. I’d be great if you can vote! 😀

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