Follow Your Heart

22 Oct

After Dads death, Mum became concerned that her own passing maybe imminent. For a few days it was all she could talk about and she worked long and hard to complete the book she was working on just incase the time did come. I told her that she was going to be fine but Mum just wouldn’t listen.

I had a secret of my own that I had been trying to find the right time to announce. You guessed it, I was pregnant. Ellis and I were together properly now but we’d never discussed anything like this. What about our plans to travel? I hoped this wouldn’t make him resent me if we can’t go. I’d been to the hospital and had it confirmed, now I just needed to get Ellis alone to tell him the news. I knew Mum would be happy about having a grandchild, but how would he re-act?

I came home from the hospital and Mum and Ellis were both there. I took Ellis by the hand and braced myself to tell his about the baby… but suddenly Mum began to cough uncontrollably and the colour drained from here face.

“Mum whats wrong?!”

She looked at me solemnly and told me that Anthony was calling her and that she had to go to him.

I couldn’t believe Mum was gone just seconds before I’d told her she was going to be a Grandma. I sobbed and told Ellis that we were expecting our first child and he held me close. He promised that we’d be together no matter what and when we had the money he would marry me. Such happiness and grief make for a confusing mix of emotions but I think we’ll be just fine. I’ll make sure our baby knows what an amazing woman Grandma Marley was.




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