The Second Born

22 Oct

It was true.  I was pregnant again.

But Ellis and I were not worried. We were turning out to be great parents. Ellis was at my house with little Joseph and me all the time, he rarely went home, but he still never mentioned moving in. Joseph was growing up well, he had blonde hair growing through, even lighter than his Dad!

Our family began to fall into routine. Mostly of changing dirty nappies and picking up toys, but none the less it felt comfortable and everything  was going well.

And it felt like no time at all before the new baby was ready to be born. Again we had to buy a crib and some more stuff for the little one, this time I felt sure it would be the little girl I wanted. The one that would carry on the Green Legacy.

And I was right! The beautiful Melody Green was here!

Now we had two children to look after and Ellis still hadn’t asked me to marry him! Would we ever be able to afford it now? Neither of us had a job and we hadn’t even had the chance to travel together, my martial art training was permanently on hold and meditating with the sound of crying babies is just impossible. I’d never anticipated such a huge change in pace for my life!

Time flew by and soon it was time for Melodys first birthday. Little Mel was about to get a little bit bigger!

She has hair just like her Dad! And bright blue eyes like her Great Grandmother MaryJane had.

It was also time for Josephs next birthday. We threw him a party and watched as he changed into our perfect little boy.

My two little angels ❤

Joseph was now old enough to go to school. He seems to really enjoy it and Ellis, as usual, is always helpful with doing homework and helping out around the house.

The two children get on really well and I’m excited for what ever the future holds for our new family – hopefully there will be wedding bells too!





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