Welcome to the Family

22 Oct

Marleys funeral was a sad affair. My brother James was so devastated that he couldn’t even make it to the funeral. He had still been living at home and was not prepared to face the world alone. We buried Mum next to her own mother, the one who started this legacy, and as one generation was buried another one would be born.

My pregnancy went smoothly and Ellis and I began to buy a few things for the house to accommodate the new arrival. Of course I was hoping for a girl to carry on the family, but Ellis really wanted a boy. It seemed like no time at all before our little one was ready to join us.

Please say hi to our smiley little boy, Joseph! He’s so adorable and Ellis was over the moon to have a son.

Wow, what a lot of drama in the Green family house! With the death of my parents and the arrival of my first child, I decided to take a break from my martial art training. I’m still only a young adult, there is plenty of time for training. But for now I want to spend as much time as possible with my family. Joseph needs to be taught all the essentials of life and I need to work on convincing Ellis to move in with me. He lives across town in a shared house, but he spends all of his time here with me.

But of course the action didn’t stop there. Soon it was time for a first birthday for Joseph. He has my deep brown eyes and squishy nose!

Joseph was growing into a smiley, energetic little boy. He quickly learned to walk and talk, then we just couldn’t shut him up. He likes to sing all the time and he follows his Daddy around like a puppy!

But just when we thought that life was going to settle down a bit something else unexpected happened…

Could I be pregnant again ALREADY?!



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