The Greens are back!

2 Sep

Note from the Author-

Hi! Sorry for such a long break in the story. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to get this legacy working again after the sad demise of my old laptop.. but I just bought a new one and a new copy of the game and by some miracle, I rescued the Greens! I’ll give you a brief recap to get you up to speed with what the family is doing right now.

After the sad passing of Marley Green, of the second generation, her daughter Mari Green took over the role of  continuing the Green Legacy. Mari and her fiance Ellis already have two children, Joseph and Melody. Melody will of course take over the legacy once she reaches Young Adulthood.

In the last chapter we saw Mari and Ellis finally tie the knot (yay!) and the two young children grew up a stage. Melody is now old enough to attend little school and Joseph has started high school. Both are A grade students and life seems to be shaping up pretty well.

I attempted to find all the custom content that made the characters and house as recognisable as they were… but I’ve had to settle for something slightly similar in some cases. But anyway, I’m sure you figure out what’s going on soon enough!

If you’re a reader of my other Sim blog – – then the good news is that once I find a few of the things I need (like the red contact lenses and the outfits) then I should be good to continue writing that too. Thanks for all the kind words throughout the longer than expected hiatus of my stories. I’ll keep you updated on that directly through the blog so if you sign up for email updates then you’ll know as soon as I get something posted.

All the best, I have a lot of reading to catch up on with all of your blogs!



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