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The Second Born

22 Oct

It was true.  I was pregnant again.

But Ellis and I were not worried. We were turning out to be great parents. Ellis was at my house with little Joseph and me all the time, he rarely went home, but he still never mentioned moving in. Joseph was growing up well, he had blonde hair growing through, even lighter than his Dad!

Our family began to fall into routine. Mostly of changing dirty nappies and picking up toys, but none the less it felt comfortable and everything  was going well.

And it felt like no time at all before the new baby was ready to be born. Again we had to buy a crib and some more stuff for the little one, this time I felt sure it would be the little girl I wanted. The one that would carry on the Green Legacy.

And I was right! The beautiful Melody Green was here!

Now we had two children to look after and Ellis still hadn’t asked me to marry him! Would we ever be able to afford it now? Neither of us had a job and we hadn’t even had the chance to travel together, my martial art training was permanently on hold and meditating with the sound of crying babies is just impossible. I’d never anticipated such a huge change in pace for my life!

Time flew by and soon it was time for Melodys first birthday. Little Mel was about to get a little bit bigger!

She has hair just like her Dad! And bright blue eyes like her Great Grandmother MaryJane had.

It was also time for Josephs next birthday. We threw him a party and watched as he changed into our perfect little boy.

My two little angels ❤

Joseph was now old enough to go to school. He seems to really enjoy it and Ellis, as usual, is always helpful with doing homework and helping out around the house.

The two children get on really well and I’m excited for what ever the future holds for our new family – hopefully there will be wedding bells too!





Welcome to the Family

22 Oct

Marleys funeral was a sad affair. My brother James was so devastated that he couldn’t even make it to the funeral. He had still been living at home and was not prepared to face the world alone. We buried Mum next to her own mother, the one who started this legacy, and as one generation was buried another one would be born.

My pregnancy went smoothly and Ellis and I began to buy a few things for the house to accommodate the new arrival. Of course I was hoping for a girl to carry on the family, but Ellis really wanted a boy. It seemed like no time at all before our little one was ready to join us.

Please say hi to our smiley little boy, Joseph! He’s so adorable and Ellis was over the moon to have a son.

Wow, what a lot of drama in the Green family house! With the death of my parents and the arrival of my first child, I decided to take a break from my martial art training. I’m still only a young adult, there is plenty of time for training. But for now I want to spend as much time as possible with my family. Joseph needs to be taught all the essentials of life and I need to work on convincing Ellis to move in with me. He lives across town in a shared house, but he spends all of his time here with me.

But of course the action didn’t stop there. Soon it was time for a first birthday for Joseph. He has my deep brown eyes and squishy nose!

Joseph was growing into a smiley, energetic little boy. He quickly learned to walk and talk, then we just couldn’t shut him up. He likes to sing all the time and he follows his Daddy around like a puppy!

But just when we thought that life was going to settle down a bit something else unexpected happened…

Could I be pregnant again ALREADY?!


Follow Your Heart

22 Oct

After Dads death, Mum became concerned that her own passing maybe imminent. For a few days it was all she could talk about and she worked long and hard to complete the book she was working on just incase the time did come. I told her that she was going to be fine but Mum just wouldn’t listen.

I had a secret of my own that I had been trying to find the right time to announce. You guessed it, I was pregnant. Ellis and I were together properly now but we’d never discussed anything like this. What about our plans to travel? I hoped this wouldn’t make him resent me if we can’t go. I’d been to the hospital and had it confirmed, now I just needed to get Ellis alone to tell him the news. I knew Mum would be happy about having a grandchild, but how would he re-act?

I came home from the hospital and Mum and Ellis were both there. I took Ellis by the hand and braced myself to tell his about the baby… but suddenly Mum began to cough uncontrollably and the colour drained from here face.

“Mum whats wrong?!”

She looked at me solemnly and told me that Anthony was calling her and that she had to go to him.

I couldn’t believe Mum was gone just seconds before I’d told her she was going to be a Grandma. I sobbed and told Ellis that we were expecting our first child and he held me close. He promised that we’d be together no matter what and when we had the money he would marry me. Such happiness and grief make for a confusing mix of emotions but I think we’ll be just fine. I’ll make sure our baby knows what an amazing woman Grandma Marley was.